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Item #: 83090255
-22732 (12/32OZ)
Quarts - Grez-Offs powerful formula is less dependent on scrubbing to save you time. In the garage, use Grez-Off to clean and degrease engines, underbodies, parts, tools/toolboxes, work benches, garage floors and walls, machinery and even lawn and garden equipment. Grez-Off also works on food grease to help you clean barbecue grills, ovens and range hoods. In the laundry room, Grez-Off works great as a laundry pretreater to get rid of stubborn stains on clothing such as oil, grease, grass and more. What's more, you can trust Grez-Off to be gentle on both you and the environment. This water-based, biodegradable formula is bolstered with specialized cleaning surfactants to give you the best cleaning power all without using harsh solvents. 




(No reviews yet) Write a Review