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SmartRags 12" x 12" 50 Pieces Per Box

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Now: $18.00
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Product Overview


Each SmartRags® dispenser box contains 50 12”x12” microfiber rags with precision-cut seamless edges. Smaller and more compact than regular microfiber cloths,

SmartRags are ideal janitorial supplies for utility carts, corporate supply rooms, automotive shops, and break rooms. SmartRags are even less expensive than regular

microfiber towels, making them ideal for high-loss environments, such as:

Industrial and automotive shops need better lint-free options to wipe away heavy grime and oil.

Office environments value our compact, consumer-friendly packaging. Employees are also prone to wipe-and-toss rather than launder cloths.

Healthcare facilities are hyper-sensitive to Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs), so cloths are often discarded after one use.

Household tasks are no match for SmartRags. Keep a box in the garage, under the sink, and with cleaning products to tackle everyday spill removal, dusting, and oily grime removals.

These microfiber cloth cleaning products are easily color coded, which helps reduce the threat (and perception) of cross contamination.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review