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Sontara 12" x 13" Blue 500 Pcs Per Case

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MSRP: $110.00
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Now: $75.00
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Product Overview

Engineered specifically for wiping, is a tough, durable material that is abrasion and solvent resistant, contains no binders or glues, is low-linting, and highly absorbent in water, oil and solvents. Clean Touch wipes are ideal for a wide range of applications including aviation, manufacturing, painting, automotive and machinery repair, printing, graphic arts and much more. Everything a wipe should be: Tough and durable for multiple reuses: • In test after test, proven to be among the strongest – wet or dry • Can be reused over and over, washes easily yet is inexpensive enough to be treated as a disposable Absorbent and wipes dry: • Soaks up to several times its weight in water and also absorbs oil and solvents • Works fast for excellent wipe-dry Low-linting: • Leaves behind virtually none of the lint you get with paper and has no additives to contaminate surfaces • Plus, it’s soft enough for polishing and finishing.


500 Blue 12" x 12" wipes per case.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review