Blue Spunlace smooth 9" x 14" 12 Lb.

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Product Overview

9" x 14" spunlace wiper and comes in a Center Flo Dispenser Box with 170 sheets 4 per case. The heavy cellulose content will provide excellent absorbency while the non-woven substrate provides extra strength and durability. Since there are no chemical binders to break down in solutions, spunlace wipers are naturally low in lint. They are ideal for electronic,computer, and hydraulic equipment. Spunlace is the right choice for critical lint sensitive wiping applications.


Color: Blue
Packaging: Center Flo Dispenser Box
Size: 9" x 14"
Lbs/Unit: 12
Quantity/Case: 680
Qty/Pallet: 45
Box Dimension: 14.5' x 13.5' x 9.5'
Cube: 1.1


(No reviews yet) Write a Review